In the Netherlands, fifteen companies are developing marine energy technologies. These are all at different maturity levels, ranging from early-stage R&D in universities across the country, to pre-commercial technologies that are preparing for large scale roll-out. As can be seen in the overview below, all technology types are represented: wave, tidal, OTEC, salinity gradient and offshore floating solar.

Dutch Innovations


Allseas has acquired Bluerise, a specialist developer of Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) technology that delivers renewable energy solutions. Allseas will use its offshore expertise and record of deep-water technologies to advance Bluerise concepts and accelerate the implementation of OTEC technology for renewable energy projects. Currently their focus is on realising a demonstration plant in Bonaire.

Dutch Wave Power

Dutch Wave Power strives to unlock the untapped renewable source of wave energy in a cost-effective way. The company has developed an advanced wave energy converter which enables low cost, high reliable conversion of sea and ocean waves. The installation of the device is based on an easy drop & connect principle and in extreme wave conditions it will self protect. The Dutch Wave Power technology consists of a floating body, completely closed off from the salty seawater, containing all the energy conversion components. The floating body will turn due to the movement of the waves. This rotation is used to power a standard generator that produces the renewable electricity.

Fish Flow Tidal Power

FishFlow Tidal Power is developing a free-flow bi-directional tidal turbine that makes it possible to generate power at high efficiency. The patented design also makes the turbine fish safe and silent. The specific shape of the impeller blades does not induce cavitation and the water leaving the impeller is released in an almost straight beam. Their tidal solution can be integrated in barriers and bridges and standalone.


The LINTUR - LINeaire TURbine - generates electricity from (slow) flowing rivers. After five years of development, LINTUR was successfully demonstrated in the IJssel river near Zwolle. The next step is testing the turbine in even faster flowing areas, after which there will be vast opportunities for LINTUR in hundreds of fast- and slow-flowing rivers.

Oceans of Energy

Oceans of Energy develops a unique offshore floating solar system and operates the first high-wave offshore solar system in the North Sea. The system, with panels just above the seawater and small interconnected floaters, is capable of withstanding rough sea conditions allowing for clean energy generation in coastal regions without using land space. It can also be integrated within wind farms increasing the energy efficiency on site.

Ocean Grazer

Ocean Grazer combines wave energy converter technology with on-site energy storage and offshore wind turbines. The hybrid wave-wind solution harvests offshore renewable energy and controls output to allow balancing the supply with the demand. This solution can be integrated in offshore wind farms and used to energise offshore structures.

Oryon Watermill

Oryon Watermill is a 100% fish safe modular hydropower plant that can always be adapted to the local water flow profile. The solution can generate renewable energy from flows with a flow rate of 1 meter per second. It can be placed in rivers, tidal currents, in river groynes or civil works such as dams, bridges and large fixed pumping stations without affecting the natural ecosystem.

Pentair Fairbanks Nijhuis

Pentair Fairbanks Nijhuis developed a bi-directional tidal turbine that harnesses energy from the tide. The patented and proven fish safe design features a speed controlled direct drive, a permanent magnet generator and a fully reversible impeller to maintain optimal performance in both flow directions during a complete tidal cycle. The turbine can be placed in a dam type construction and operated as a pump strengthening their water management and flood control functions.


REDstack is a Dutch multi-award winning company recognised for its technological breakthrough innovation impacting the global renewable energy transition. REDstack developed a patented technology and process design based on Reverse Electrodialysis (RED) to generate salinity gradient power also called “Blue Energy”. REDstack is primarily focusing on the Blue Energy power plant segment because of its enormous commercial upside and the substantial financial and political support currently available in the market. The RED technology can also be implemented as a solution to sustain the operations of large industrial companies, as a key component in innovative Blue Batteries as storage solution, or as a cost competitive alternative in the desalination market.

SBM Offshore

SBM Offshore is a market leader in floating offshore solutions. Capitalising on extensive hydrodynamics expertise and mooring technology, SBM Offshore developed the S3® Wave Energy Converter, which features direct energy conversion from waves to electricity by application of Electro Active Polymers.


SeaQurrent develops the next generation tidal energy plants based on the principle of kiting. The patented multi-wing TidalKite™ makes it possible to generate clean electricity from shallow (and deep) low velocity tidal and ocean currents with an efficiency rate resulting in a breakthrough of the price of electricity produced from tidal energy.

Slow Mill

Slow Mill is a wave power company that harnesses energy from the short and irregular North Sea waves. In 2019 they initiated the first Dutch North Sea wave farm off the coast of dutch island Texel starting with an 8-meter prototype. Besides that, the company is looking at delivering devices to power offshore platforms in the North Sea.


SolarDuck powers the world with clean solar energy. The solution provides megacities and islands with access to affordable renewable electricity, by delivering turnkey offshore floating solar solutions. SolarDuck has a strong solar and maritime background which is essential to develop reliable and cost-effective seaworthy solutions. The innovative SolarDuck offshore floating solar solution is scalable and able to safely mass produce electricity without compromising scarce land.

Teamwork Technology

Teamwork Technology develops the Symphony Wave Power, a submerged point-absorber that has proven to be highly efficient in converting energy from the waves. The system can be placed between off shore wind turbines allowing the grid infrastructure in coastal area’s to be used efficiently. Using Symphony Wave Power as primary source, it can directly convert wave energy into hydrogen at off grid locations.


Tocardo develops a comprehensive range of tidal energy solutions. Tocardo were the first to build a tidal power plant within the Eastern Scheldt storm surge barrier, the Netherlands. In a joint venture with QED Naval and HydroWing, Tocardo now expands their offer with new turbines to generate power from river streams and mooring- and platform solutions to build smart grid solutions near coastal areas or large power plants offshore.


Water2Energy designs and builds water turbines, offering customised solutions for sustaining the operations of harbours and industrial applications. Building upon years of experience in tidal energy and offshore engineering, Water2Energy develops a range of turbines which produce energy at a cost level competitive to solar or wind energy but more reliable and predictable.