Marine energy refers to the renewable energy that can be generated from the world's oceans, seas and rivers. Marine energy can be captured from waves, tides, difference in salinity gradients, and the heat stored in surface ocean water. This energy can be converted into reliable, sustainable and cost-competitive electricity that has several advantages over fossil fuels, and complements other forms of renewable energy like solar and wind.

Why marine energy?

  • Renewable: Marine energy is CO2-free and offers clean energy solutions to drive our global energy transition
  • Reliable: Marine energy is reliable and predictable, securing energy supply and complementing the renewable energy mix
  • Scalable: Marine energy offers integrated solutions for greening and balancing electricity networks, increasing the value of infrastructures, sustaining operations, powering off-grid communities and fostering coastal protection
  • Invisible: Marine energy technologies have no visual impact on the land and shoreline
  • Powerful: Marine energy has the highest energy density of all renewables, making efficient use of space