Offshore renewable energy strategy is key to our green transition. EU countries agreed on new, ambitious long-term goals for deploying offshore renewable energy up to 2050, with intermediate objectives to be achieved by 2030 and 2040. This strategy will boost uptake in offshore renewable sources to create sustainable and inclusive growth.

DMEC accelerates the development & deployment of innovative offshore renewable energy solutions. We believe that the future energy mix will include energy generated from wind, waves, tides, and floating solar. By advancing and integrating these offshore renewable sources, we create multi-source solutions for a wide variety of markets.

Corporate Partnership Program

Following the offshore renewable energy targets and our ambitious climate goals, corporates are increasingly looking into offshore renewable energy solutions. Within our Corporate Partnership Program, we advise corporates on how to integrate offshore renewable energy sources in their strategy. Based on the specific market needs, we offer unique insights into adding innovative offshore renewables into energy parks, storage, power to X, nature inclusive design, tendering, public and private investments and more.

Services of the Corporate Partnership Program include:

Integration into the offshore renewable energy sector

We provide you with the opportunity to:

  • Get access to and engage with the Marine Energy Community
  • Work together with offshore renewable energy technology developers and corporations
  • Connect to offshore renewable testing facilities and public sector actors
  • Get invited to offshore energy events throughout the year

Exploration of a tailored topic

We use our extensive expertise in the sector to:

  • Assess offshore energy resources and identify locations for offshore energy parks in a specific region
  • Analyse marine energy electricity output, economics and spatial planning
  • Develop specialized market use case (oil&gas, aquaculture, islands)
  • Identify top performing marine energy developers

Visibility building

We make our network available to you to:

  • Communicate your company’s offshore renewable energy strategy
  • Release joint press statements and news posts
  • Communicate about your company’s involvement within the sector in our media outreach
  • Provide you with speaking opportunities at leading sector events

Get in touch

For more information about the Corporate Partnership Program or to learn more about engagement opportunities with the sector, please contact Yuki Esser or Koen Donkers.