Global potential

  • Marine energy could generate 300 GW of renewable energy by 2050. This is enough to supply electricity to 350 million households worldwide. Realising this potential is necessary to achieve the ambitious goals set out in the Paris Agreement on climate change
  • Build an annual market generating >€100 billion of economic value in the entire supply chain from manufacturing and deployment to operation and maintenance
  • Create >650.000 new jobs

European potential

  • Marine energy could generate 100 GW of renewable energy and produce up to 10% of Europe’s electricity consumption. That’s as much as the daily electricity needs of all the households in France, Ireland, Portugal, Spain and the United Kingdom together
  • Tap into a global market worth >€100 billion. 50% of all marine energy companies are based in the European Union. Therefore, Europe is well-positioned to become the global industry leader in the marine energy sector
  • Create >200.000 new jobs