DMEC is proud to have a broad network and team with technical, financial and operational expertise to offer marine energy developers both technical and business support services. Within our Accelerator we lead the acceleration of pilot development and ensure the sustainable growth of marine energy technology companies and the sector. Our service portfolio consists of:

Technical & commercial maturity assessment

DMEC has developed a unique assessment strategy to efficiently identify the services and steps that impact successful development. We use this strategy to support more than 75 marine energy developers and a large range of technologies.

Testing & Certification strategy

We operated test sites for tidal and wave energy devices for many years, and collaborate with numerous test facilities around the globe. This allows us to identify suitable facilities to efficiently and reliably characterise and optimise technologies. Supported by our in-depth understanding of certification requirements, we offer tailored test plans and certification strategies to de-risk novel technologies at the test location of choice.

Growth strategy

By combining sector expertise with market insights, DMEC is well positioned to provide advice on unique product-market combinations, realising market entry and commercial roll out. Next to providing guidance on the next steps to grow, we facilitate actual implementation by mobilising the required funding from both public and private sources.

Shaping business plans

Based on our thorough sector- and financial expertise, we advise on shaping business plans and underlying financial models. Insight in the development pathway, financial projections and team experience provides solid building blocks for commercial deployment. As an important driver for business growth, we help presenting business plans and stories to potential strategic partners, investors and end users.

"By coordinating a comprehensive monitoring program, DMEC enabled us to prove that our turbines have minimal impact on the environment"


Andries van Unen

CEO Tocardo

"DMEC helped us to focus on realistic growth scenarios and mobilised funding to realise them. We are really grateful for their valuable support"


Reinier Rijke

General Manager Water2Energy

"A customised approach enabled us to test our TidalKite in real life conditions at our location of choice"


Maarten Berkhout

Director Project Development SeaQurrent