DMEC provides investors with access to high potential portfolio candidates and relevant deal flow. Investors are enabled to be in-the-know on meaningful developments, are supported in assessing the potential and feasibility of the investment and get the chance to shape the industry.

Deal sourcing

DMEC provides investors with a platform to quickly reach the appropriate and best-of-breed solutions within marine energy. With our wide and diverse global network, we link investors with the best investment opportunities that match their strategy.

Investment appraisal

Our team helps investors assess whether a proposed project or business investment is worth the time and money, by offering a flexible and in-depth analysis to the critical metrics: technical, commercial & marketing, organisation & management as well as economic appraisals.

Due diligence

DMEC advises on gaining a better understanding of all inherent risks related to the investment by performing a complete and thorough due diligence. Our wide range of expertise covers pricing, policy, resource and technology risk assessment.

Deal closing

If a term reference sheet is signed, we support in coordinating the information exchange in light of the due diligence. We assist on valuation and equity share offer, during negotiation discussions and facilitate deal process and closing.