Marine energy will play a significant role in the future energy system as it contributes to the reduction of carbon emissions, mitigates climate change and stimulates economic growth. Next to producing clean energy to enrich and balance the renewable energy mix, marine energy offers multi value propositions in collaboration with the infrastructure, transport, offshore, utilities and public sectors.

Marine energy solutions can be used to generate utility scale grid electricity and to increase the value of infrastructures, both in delta and coastal regions. Barriers, bridges, coastal defenses and break waters can be energised. Smart off-grid solutions can be deployed to decarbonise offshore infrastructures and enable islands and remote areas to become independent of fossil fuels by providing access to modern energy services. Additional benefits of marine energy technologies are heating, cooling and desalination of (drinking) water.

By integrating marine energy solutions in multiple business cases, universal solutions are available that tap into a global market worth more than € 100 billion by 2050. Within our Corporate Partnership Program, we enable companies to integrate marine energy in their business strategy. More information about the Corporate Partnership Program and its services can be found here.

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